The holidays came like a bat out of hell. Add a new job and some family craziness and you get one tired NiceGuy Eddie. But rest assured I will be posting some more content soon. A New Year is upon us and plenty more good tunes. Have a safe and happy holiday season.


"People Said His Brain Was Infected By Devils!!"...

Shogun Assassin OST
Mark Lindsey,W.Michael Lewis,and Robert Houston

The Legend Of Lone Wolf
Daigoro's Theme
Assassin With Son
The Ninja
Crimson Sky
Eyes Of A Demon
Lone Wolf's Theme


A Brazilian Banger...

Arthur Verocai
Arthur Verocai

Pelas Sombras
Presente Grego
Dedicada A ele
Na Boca Do Sol
Velho Parente
O Mapa
Karina (Domingo No Grajau)


Just Me & My Breaks

Vanderslice of Dustmightz and The Dust 2 Dust family blesses us with this tight mix of "some dope psyche, prog rock, hip hop, soul, and shit.."
Better known for producing tracks for acts like Army of the Pharaohs,Reef The Lost Cauze,Infamous Mobb and many more. He laced us with some goodies from his crates. You may have to fill in some of the blanks in the tracklist. Some jams must stay dusty..

Just Me and My Breaks

1.) Intro
2.) Rare Bird - Beautiful Scarlet
3.) Head - G.B.H.
4.) some japanese fawnk
5.) The Progress Organization joint
6.) some russian gangster rock shit
7.) some dusty italian shit
8.) Cado Belle - A Stones Throw from Nowhere
9.) The Ebonys - A Love of Your Own
10.) The Diplomats - I've Got that Kind of Love
11.) interlude
12.) some breezy instrumental 45
13.) Styx - A Song for Suzanne / Evidence - The Far Left
14.) Bucks Fizz - My Camera Never Lies / Big Twin & Prodigy - Click Clack
15.) Sting of the Serpent / TI - The King Back
16.) The Main Ingredient / The Game - Why You Hate The Game
17.) Stone Killer Theme / Suave Sevah on Halftime over a Just Blaze Beat
18.) Ethos - The Spirit of Music / Dilated - Back Again
19.) The Strawbs / Sid Roams - S.R. Theme
20.) some gutter dutch shit / Evidence - The Perfect Storm
21.) some Vanderslice beats..

Records are an addiction. The feeling you get when you drop the needle on an absolutely face melting drum break, the state of euphoria just hearing something you've never heard before is better to me than anything on this earth. It doesn't have to be expensive or rare (as you can hear in the mix) to be sickening. The scrunched up who farted face you get as you just hear something so ill, that's the ONLY emotion you feel. It's a feeling of pure euphoria. There is no feeling like it. It's better than any drug in the world. Records are drugs. This mix is just a compilation of songs put together in a melting pot of rock, funk, soul, and hip hop. Inspired by the likes of the Conmen, Ken Sport & Fusion, Kon and Amir, Soulman, and the inventor of the internet version of the sample mix.. my homey Jigsaw. I won't post a track list but i'm not a stone wall.. if you want to know the name of something played just ask. I may or may not answer.. Enjoy! - Vanderslice


Oh La La!!!

Ball Of Eyes

Inner City Blues
You Got Me Hummin’
Humpty Dumpty
Showbiz Suite
Balls of Eyes
Oh La La

Vibes and Stuff...

Natural Illusions
Bobby Hutcherson

Lush Life
When You Are Near
The Thrill Is Gone
Sophisticated Lady
Rain Every Thursday
The Folks Who Live on the Hill


Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth
24-Carat Black

Synopsis One: In the Ghetto/God Save the World
Poverty's Paradise
Synopsis Two: Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Food Stamps
Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth
24 Carat Black Theme