Blue Note Time...

Stepping Into Tomorrow
Donald Byrd

Stepping Into Tomorrow
Design A Nation
We're Together
Think Twice
Makin' It
Rock And Roll Again
You Are The World
I Love The Girl

Grab Ya Shovels And Portables...

Neva Stop Diggin'
Soulman / Various Artists

Neva Stop Diggin Intro
Neva Stop Diggin Theme
The Drums
The Ghost In The Machine
Massacre Music
Notice The Beat
Mos Definetly
Built On What We Call A Beat
Platform shoe
Alternate Breaks And Beats
Hey Gringo
You Dig
Sock It To Me Time ( Music For Frozen Brains)

The Axe...

The Auction
David Axelrod

Oh Freedom / The Auction
The Leading Citizen
The Debt
Be Proud,My Race / Oh Freedom

The One and Only.."CURTTTIISSS"..

Back to the World
Curtis Mayfield

Back To The World
Future Shock
Right On For The Darkness
Future Song (Love A Good Woman, Love A Good Man)
If I Were Only A Child Again
Can't Say Nothin'
Keep On Trippin'

Some Bayou Funk...

Look-Ka Py Py
The Meters

Look-Ka Py Py
Rigor Mortis
This Is My Last Affair
Funky Miracle
Yeah, You're Right
Little Old Money Maker
Oh, Calcutta!
The Mob
9'Til 5
Dry Spell

Some Hutch...

Ode To My Lady
Willie Hutch

Party Down
The Way We Were
Since I Found You Everything's Alright
(I'm Gonna) Hold On
Ode to My Lady
Love Power
Just Another Day
Talk to Me
Love Me Back
You Gotta Give Love Up

A MUST Have...

Hot Buttered Soul
Isaac Hayes

Walk On By
One Woman
By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Serge and Jane...

Cannabis Soundtrack
Serge Gainsbourg

Cannabis (instrumental)
Le deuxième homme
Première blessure
Chanvre indien
I want to feel crazy
Jane dans la nuit
Avant de mourir
Dernière blessure

A Double Feature..INDEED...(FIXED)

GrindHouse: Death Proof Soundtrack
Various Artists

The Last Race - Jack Nitzsche
Baby, It's You - Smith
Paranoia Prima - Ennio Morricone
Planning & Scheming - Eli Roth
Jeepster - T Rex
Stuntman Mike - Kurt Russell
Staggolee - Pacific Gas & Electric
The Love You Save (May Be Your Own) - Joe Tex
Good Love, Bad Love - Eddie Floyd
Down In Mexico - The Coasters
Hold Tight - Dave Dee
Sally And Jack - Pino Donaggio
It's So Easy - Willy DeVille
Whatever-However - Tracie Thoms
Riot In Thunder Alley - Eddie Beram
Chick Habit - April March

GrindHouse: Planet Terror Soundtrack
Robert Rodriguez / Graeme Revell

Grindhouse (Main Titles)
Doc Block
You Belong to Me
Go Go Not Cry Cry
Hospital Epidemic
Usless Talent #32
His Perscription...Pain
Cherry Darling
Grindhouse Blues - Nouvelle Vague
Wray - Chingon
Police Station Assault - Rose McGowan
Zero to Fifty in Four - Rose McGowan
Fury Road
Helicopter Sicko Chopper - Rose McGowan
Ring in the Jacket
Killer Legs
Melting Member
Too Drunk to ****
Cherry's Dance of Death
Two Against the World


A.K.A - "The Fantastic Planet" U.S. Release...

La Planete Sauvage Soundtrack
Alain Goraguer

Déshominisation II
Déshominisation I
Ten et Tiwa
Maquillage de Tiwa
Course de Ten
Ten et Médor
Ten et Tiwa Dorment
Ten Est Assomé
Conseil des Draags
Hommes - La Grande Co-Existence
Mira et Ten
Mort de Draag
Cité des Hommes Libres
Attaque des Robots
Longue Marche
Strip Tease
Méditation des Enfants
Vieille Meurt

A True Classic...

Bongo Rock
Michael Viner`s Incredible Bongo Band

Let There Be Drums
Last Bongo in Belgium
Dueling Bongos
Bongo Rock

Once again..Get On Board...

On Track Vol.4
Kon and Amir / Various Artists

"What's In The Future For The Fusion In The Changer?"...

Les DeMerle

Spectrum - A Taste Of Honey
Dio Dati (God Gives)
A Day In The Life
Fusion - Pro & Con
Deflections 1,2,3 & 4

"He And The Devil Know He's All Alone"...

Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse
Eugene Mcdaniels

The Lord Is Back
Jagger The Dagger
Lovin' Man
Headless Heroes
Susan Jane
Freedom Death Dance
Supermarket Blues
Parasite, The (For Buffy)

"They After Me For Information That I Have Too"..

Milano Calibro 9 Soundtrack
Osanna & Luis E. Bacalov

Variazione I (To Plinius)
Variazione II (My mind flies)
Variazione III (Shuum...)
Variazione IV (Tredicesimo cortile)
Variazione V (Dianalogo)
Variazione VI (Spunti dallo spartito n. 14723/EY2 del Prof. Imolo Meninge)
Variazione VII (Posizione raggiunta)
Canzona (There will be time)