Alch Killed This...

Lights,Camera,Action Ft. Lil Fame
Chemical Warfare
**Original Sample**


As Promised...

Psyc Impressions
Montparnasse 2000 - MP06
Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky

Rush On The Ball
Ballad For A Horse
Duty Free
Ski Trails
Real Happening
Middle Contest
Face To The World
Meeting In The Square
Shaking Pop
Sunder Fire
Shadow Of Our Life
Blows and Rhythms
Love On The Moon
In The Space
Concerto For A Star
New Heart

DeWolfe Music - DWLP3275

Heavy Truckin
DeWolfe Music - DWLP3275
Various Artists

Heavy Truckin
Smokin Joe
A Day Away
Salzburg Shake Up
Hogan's Thing
Black Pound
Nevada Junction
Vice Grip
Hit Man
Lady C
Wide City
Cold Funk
Close and Warm

Bruton Music - BRL11

Market Leaders
Bruton Music - BRL11
Various Artists

Building Scenesetter
Looks Good
Major Presentation
Video In Industry
Pushing Ahead
On The Road
Grand Scale
Blue Steel
Blue Steel Statement
Vis News
Men On The Move
Prestige Travel
New York 2001
New York 2001 - Alt End
New York 2001 - Sub


Patch - R.I.P

This past weekend was a tough one. I had to make the painful decision to put one of my cats to sleep. He was only 11 and cancer had ripped through him pretty fast. I had no clue. He was fine one day and then BOOM..
I know the right choice was made. But it was indeed a tough one. So appreciate your pets. Shit does indeed happen. More goods soon to come. Not really in a musical mood right now. Keep checking back..



Jay - Z - D.O.A - Original Sample

I will post the full Janko Nilovic Lp in the next update.
Enjoy the track for now..
Hopefully the auto tune plague is in fact over...