"Watch Out Now!"...

The Beatnuts Collection Vol.2
Various Artists

Eddy Driver - Black Night
Enoch Light - And I Love Her
Danny Rivera - Gracias Mi Amor
Clive Hicks - Think Twice
Power House - Late Start
M. Joseph - Stop In The Name Of Love
Zulema - Giving Up
Ann Peebles - Somebody's On Your Case
Dick Hayman - The Look Of Love'
Richard Hayman - Melody # 2
Monty Alexander - Love & Happiness
Harry Nilsson - Rain Maker
Serge Gainsbourg - En Melody
Roy Ayers - Painted Desert
Hubert Laws - Family
Lou Rawls - Lifetime Monologue
Tyrone Davis - In The Mood
George Semper - Get Out My Life Woman
The Electric Prunes - The Adoration
Lou Donaldson - Ode To Billy Joe
H. Hancock - Toys
Five Stairsteps - The New Dance Craze
Jimmy Ross - First True Love
Alan Moorhouse - Soul Skimmer

"Who Got The Props"...

Pressure Sensitive
Ronnie Laws

Always There
Never Be The Same
Tell Me Something Good n
Nothing To Lose
Tidal Wave
Why Do You Laugh At Me
Mis' Mary's Place


"Shorty Said, Now.. Pulled The Trigger And Stepped"...

Moog Indigo
Jean-Jacques Perrey

Soul City
The Rose And The Cross
Cat In The Night
Flight Of The Bumblebee
Moog Indigo
Gossipo Perpetuo
Country Rock Polka
The Elephant Never Forgets
18th Century Puppet
Hello Dolly
Passport To The Future

"Ride The Rhythm"..Fuckers...

Spirit of the Boogie
Kool And The Gang

Spirit Of The Boogie
Ride The Rhythm
Jungle Jazz
Sunshine And Love
Ancestral Ceremony
Mother Earth
Winter Sadness
Caribbean Festival

"Now They Call Me Sport"...

Hustler's Convention
Lightnin' Rod

Café Black Rose
Brother Hominy Grit
Coppin' Some Fronts for the Sets
Hamhock's Hall Was Big (And There Was a Whole Lot to Dig!)
Bones Fly from Spoon's Hand
Break Was So Loud, It Hushed the Crowd
Four Bitches Is What I Got
Grit's Den
Shit Hits the Fan Again
Sentenced to the Chair


A Real Butter Anthology...

Antologia - 1969-1982
Los Angeles Negros

Porque Te Quiero
Tu y Tu Mirar... Yo y Mi Cancion
Nunca Te Olividare
Mi Tristeza Es Mia y Nada Mas
Y Volvere
Como Quisiera Decirte
Mi Niña
Rey y Yo
Murio la Flor
Mi Ventana
Quiero Mas de Ti
Te Dejo la Ciudad Sin Mi
Quisiera No Quererte, Mas
La Ciudad Sin Ti
Esta Noche la Paso Contigo
No Morira Jamas
Si Conmigo Tu No Estas
A Tu Recuerdo
Angelitos Negros
Si las Flores Pudieran Hablar

Tren Hacia el Olivido
Sabras Que Te Quiero
Amor Por Ti
Vete en Silencio
Dejenme Si Estoy Llorando
Sirena de Mis Sueños
Debut y Despedida
Quedate en Mis Sueños
la Mujer Que Tanto Ame
Yo lo Comprendo
El Enviado Del Amor
Mi Vida Como un Carrusel
A Que No
Tu Me Acostumbraste
Serenata Sin Luna
Amar y Vivir
Pasion Por La Vida
Sera Varon, Sera Mujer
Tu Enamorado
Como Es Posible

Another One..

On Track Vol.3
Kon and Amir