Props To Zero for this one...

Dusty Fingers Volume 15 - Various Artists

Sound Stage 4 - UA
Tatou Strip Tease-Michel Audiard
Friend and Enamys-John Williams
Keep It Up-Olympic Runners
Kung Fu - UA
Vampires - UA
Driving-Driver OST
Boosey 3052 -UA
Theme from Exorcist-Tubular Bells
Oriant Oggie - UA
Les Copains De La Basse - Guy Pedersen
Don't Be Cool - Tool
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More - Uwe Buschkotter
Je Veux Te Dire Une Chanson - Angelillo & Hamel


dreamtime said...

Nice to see that the Nice Guy is back!

thanx for sharing!

I used some of the tracks I got here in my own DreamTime Departures comps:


it's strictly downtempo - maybe you like them - I'll be posting volume 4 probably today.


Skulla Petra Lunga said...

Glad you are back - Happy New Year!


Alberto said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

wheres the download link???

Anonymous said...

Great to have you Back!!!! Can't wait to see what you got for us. Thanks again!!

PS Loving th dusty fingers.. would love to see some more! Do you have Vol 12?

Anonymous said...


Good to see you again!

Som 3 said...

very thanks !!!!

peace !

ScoreBaby said...

Maybe it's been a long day or something, because I'm just not seeing the links? Drop me a line if you don't want to post the secret here. Much appreciated.

NiceGuy Eddie said...

JUst hover and look for the link. it's there. You wills ee a change in text color.


Vinyl4Giants said...

Not there best, but definately worth having...