"DO IT...DO IT"...

Do It Till Your Satisfied
B.T. Express

Do It Til You're Satisfied
Peace Pipe
Give It What You Got
Close to You
If It Don't Turn You On -You Oughta Leave It Alone
Do You Like It
That's What I Want for You Baby
This House Is Smokin
Everything Good to You -Ain't Always Good for You
Mental Telepathy
Once You Get It


audiosports said...

nice. Thanks!

lawn jawns said...

quality post dude. i used to roll through the other blog all the time. good to see your back.

you should stop through my blog sometime, its basically a bunch of beatmakers who once a week make beats off the same sample. everyones real different, its pretty dope.

hope to see you.

peace, KING_E

yehyeh said...

Eddieeeeeeeeeeee!! u com back!!

mazen said...

Man can you reup this album by any chance... Great blog nice batch of soul and funk... Keep it going man.. Ur keeping many a people groovin...

james said...

Damn, link is dead, really wanted this joint too. If it's possible could you re-up.