A Lil CTI Banger For Ya...

David Matthews

Song Of The Bene Gesserit
Space Oddity
Silent Running
Prince Leia's Theme
Main Theme From Star Wars


Anonymous said...

wassup mang? How do I access these? Peace

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats Dope!!!! - Need some More!!

Anonymous said...

Felling the star wars theme. heavy.
Electric Cohones

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I bought the LP a long time ago and searched for two years for a digital version.

Baby Grandpa said...

What is also nice to know, just to understand the collectable value of this gem, is this:

The jacket of CTI 7-5005 indicates the "Dune" suite is based on Frank Herbert's novel "Dune." However, producer Creed Taylor had not secured the author's authorization as the thematic source for the album. Herbert later filed suit against CTI and won, forcing the album to be withdrawn from distribution. Any future issue of the recording requires the authorization of Frank Herbert.

In other words: if Frank Herbert dies, we might probably never see an reissue of this album on CD again... Thanks for sharing it with us!

Hanimex 3000 said...

"Sandworms" bassline sampled by Pete Rock if I well remember