A.K.A - "The Fantastic Planet" U.S. Release...

La Planete Sauvage Soundtrack
Alain Goraguer

Déshominisation II
Déshominisation I
Ten et Tiwa
Maquillage de Tiwa
Course de Ten
Ten et Médor
Ten et Tiwa Dorment
Ten Est Assomé
Conseil des Draags
Hommes - La Grande Co-Existence
Mira et Ten
Mort de Draag
Cité des Hommes Libres
Attaque des Robots
Longue Marche
Strip Tease
Méditation des Enfants
Vieille Meurt


Anonymous said...

Thank you verry much! lovw the blog

big tiny little lamar said...

some great posts!
much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

Was this the same version that you had posted on your old blog?

s o l e p o w e r said...

A Blaxploitation number and one that comes highly rated. This album is a real killa with the fender rhodes and the wah wah....

Dusty ...... u still got it !

always fun visiting this place.

....and it's time u visited mine...

"Stan" (from india)

Stan said...

I was sampling the delicious posts out here....and I came across the Dusty Fingers Vol. 15 !

And I realise that Driver's OST was worthy of being on the playlist...

Just thot u shud know that since the last time that album was upped I got my hands on the original and ripped it right this time.... in VBR.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

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Vinyl4Giants said...

This is an essential one for all... Hope everyone appreciates it.

coma boy said...

nice work!