Grab Ya Shovels And Portables...

Neva Stop Diggin'
Soulman / Various Artists

Neva Stop Diggin Intro
Neva Stop Diggin Theme
The Drums
The Ghost In The Machine
Massacre Music
Notice The Beat
Mos Definetly
Built On What We Call A Beat
Platform shoe
Alternate Breaks And Beats
Hey Gringo
You Dig
Sock It To Me Time ( Music For Frozen Brains)


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R2D2 said...

Oh thank you very much bro. Would ya suggest me more funky breaks mixtapes like these of Kon&Amir and Soulman?

Thanks again Niceguy Eddie.

empee said...

thanks a mil man. loving your site. you just made my week..

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zbylubeatz said...

Hey ! What tracks are in "Hey Gringo" ??? DOPE TRACKS !!! PLEASE !!!