"Any Way The Wind Blows..It's COOOOOOLL"...

Back For A Taste Of Your Love
Syl Johnson

Back For A Taste Of Your Love
I'm Yours
I Let A Good Girl Go
Anyway The Wind Blows
You Don't Know Me
Feelin Frisky
We Did It
Wind Blow Her Back My Way
I Hate I Walked Away
The Love You Left Behind
Anyone But You
I Want To Satisfy Your Every Need
Age Ain't Nothin But A Number


DannyBlue said...

Loving Loving Loving this album. A dirty funky Al Green.


Betty said...

Niiiiice! Thanks! :)

Slidewell said...

Syl & Al. Did they develop vocals styles so similar each on their own? Was one totally influenced by the other? Of course, like most people, I heard Al first, but I love the bluesy unpretentiousness of Syl. "Back for a Taste" is great stuff, but have you heard "Total Explosion"? Might be even better.

Find it here, courtesy of TheDollarDigs.blogspot


Anonymous said...

Thx for this post man!

Keep on groovin'!

Visuals said...

Good post here! I have always loved the Hi Records rhythms.