"Watch Out Now!"...

The Beatnuts Collection Vol.2
Various Artists

Eddy Driver - Black Night
Enoch Light - And I Love Her
Danny Rivera - Gracias Mi Amor
Clive Hicks - Think Twice
Power House - Late Start
M. Joseph - Stop In The Name Of Love
Zulema - Giving Up
Ann Peebles - Somebody's On Your Case
Dick Hayman - The Look Of Love'
Richard Hayman - Melody # 2
Monty Alexander - Love & Happiness
Harry Nilsson - Rain Maker
Serge Gainsbourg - En Melody
Roy Ayers - Painted Desert
Hubert Laws - Family
Lou Rawls - Lifetime Monologue
Tyrone Davis - In The Mood
George Semper - Get Out My Life Woman
The Electric Prunes - The Adoration
Lou Donaldson - Ode To Billy Joe
H. Hancock - Toys
Five Stairsteps - The New Dance Craze
Jimmy Ross - First True Love
Alan Moorhouse - Soul Skimmer



lovin the site, but i can figure out how to get the DL's...

by the way come by my spot, im sure i have some things you'll want

Terrence said...

thank you 4 all the breaks that you put up

dom said...

Eddie, can you tell me where you got the picture of the 2 creatures with the turntable? that's if you remember that is, as I'd like to get a bigger pic of it to make a stencil from. thanks.

johnsoncody said...

Thanks for the breaks. I wonder if you can provide us with Volume 1 of the Beatnuts?

johnsoncody said...

Thanks for the breaks. I have a request: The Beatnuts Classic Breaks Volume 1.

NiceGuy Eddie said...

Vol.1 will be up on my next set of up's.
Keep checking back.

fattyfinn said...

Yes, superblog, is this disc still online? Thanx a lot.