"Shorty Said, Now.. Pulled The Trigger And Stepped"...

Moog Indigo
Jean-Jacques Perrey

Soul City
The Rose And The Cross
Cat In The Night
Flight Of The Bumblebee
Moog Indigo
Gossipo Perpetuo
Country Rock Polka
The Elephant Never Forgets
18th Century Puppet
Hello Dolly
Passport To The Future


Anonymous said...

first and foremost, good looking out w/ all of the dope material :-)

humble request: any way you could upload using zshare.net? the links never die and there's no daily download limit for non-premium users, unlike rapidshare (they're killing me with that shit lol)

i'm sure there's a good reason why so many ppl use rapidshare as opposed to zshare or other uploading sites, so this may be ignorance talking...anyway, that's my 2cents


NiceGuy Eddie said...

Sorry. I use Rapidshare only.
I have been using it for the past 2 years and I'm happy with the services. It is def worth the 10 bucks a month for it. You get your money's worth the first 10 minutes.

Givge it a try for one month. You will enjoy the freedom. JUst make sure you make room on your HD.
You will need it.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the hook. peace!!

Anonymous said...

some thing is wrong with Rapidshare or maybe my computer cuz ever time I try to download something it takes me back to the same page to where I click to go to the download page.

Tim said...

Thanks for the share.

UHF said...

Nice one Eddie THX
More moogy electronics at mine :)

You've inspired me to post some Perrey now