"Do Whatcha Gotta"...

White Rabbit
George Benson

White Rabbit
Theme From Summer Of '42
Little Train
California Dreamin'
El Mar


CosmoRetroIntroOutro said...

Woah! Eddie striked again...I'm looking forward listening to all your precious shares. Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

I must not be looking right, the link is where?

Thanks so much,

Billy Shears

Vincenzo the Bedouin said...

hey brother,
good to see you back and posting some real nervous sounds! i gotta catch up!

Sly Hoax said...

Just wanted to say thanks for all the tunes... once again.

NiceGuy Eddie said...


Anonymous said...

this is one of my all time favorites. The ultimate Herbie Hancock performance in my humble opinion. Your blog kicks ass! thanks for the great posts. some amazing gems here!

Hanimex 3000 said...

nice passage sampled by Dj Cam on "california dreaming"