Soulful...A Lil Gem For You All..

Baby, Won't You Change Your Mind
Black Ivory

Baby, Won't You Change Your Mind
Just Leave Me Some
Push Come To Shove
Time Is Love
Spinning Around
It's Time To Say Goodbye
One-Way Ticket To Loveland
No If's And's, Or But's
Wishful Thinking


shoshot said...

This is some heat!! Thanks Eddie!!

cOSMO said...

gotta alove black ivory. what a group.

Puertorock said...

thanks, mayne

Anonymous said...

where is the link???

Anonymous said...


Kristofer said...


Anonymous said...

gracias otra vez..

NinaMM said...

I grew up listening to Black Ivory. Me and my sisters would be downstairs, imitating their 3-part harmony, making up dance steps. We each wanted to marry one of them -- Russell was my pre-husband. LOL What a gem this is! "Just Leave Me Some" was my jam, but "Time is Love" is the song I fell in love with and TO...too many times to count.