RE - UP!!! Get it quick...

Is It Because I'm Black
Syl Johnson

Is It Because I'm Black
Come Together
Together, Forever
Concrete Reservation
Black Balloons
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
I'm Talkin Bout Freedom
Right On


Vincent said...

Eddie, you live up to your name. Thank you for giving us another opportunity to score this monumental LP as all of the Twinight stuff is becoming harder and harder to find.

Big Dynasty said...

Good Look Son! I was feening for this. Thanks

Dwayne said...

Props man I've been looking for this, keep doing ya thing home slice!

brujo said...

please enlighten me I cannot find a link to download this album '
regards brujo

Anonymous said...

I love people like U, thanx for caring enough to share good Music such as this!!!!! I mean it bro!!!!