A Couple Of Fresh Vinyl Rips..Enjoy!

Another Kind Of Space
Flying Island

Star Dance
Dandelion Wine
The Whole Family Would Like This
Radiant Point
Through the Four Doors
The Vision and the Voice - Pt. 1 The Vision/Pt.2 The Voice

Lee Michaels
Lee Michaels

Tell Me How Do You Feel/ (Don't Want No) Woman/My Friends/ Frosty's/Think I'll Go Back
Stormy Monday
Who Could Want More
Want My Baby
Heighty Hi


Anonymous said...

The B2 track is not wanting to open, but the rest is great. Thanks a lot Eddie.

NiceGuy Eddie said...

Which lp?

I will re download and check.

NiceGuy Eddie said...

I just re downloaded and unrared both lp.s

Both playing fine here.

Anonymous said...

Great work again on the mposts my man..Any knowledge of where we mite be able to find sum AL GREEN albums?? I liv in Australia, his albums are not easy to come by..

Anonymous said...

I re-d/l'ed and it worked this time. Sorry for the trouble and thanks again Eddie.

Egan Ehlers said...

Thank you sir.

yaahed said...

More Lee Michales would be great .mate