Chrono Trigger..

Chrono Trigger : Original Video Game Soundtrack

A Presentiment
Chrono Trigger
Peaceful Days
Guardia Millenial Fair
Wind Scene
Secret of the Forest
Frog's Theme
The Trial
Lavos' Theme
Robo Gang Johnny
Robo's Theme
The Brink of Time
Delightful Spekkio
Battle with Magus
Corridors of Time (Time Circuits)
Zeal Palace
Sara's Theme
Undersea Palace
World Revolution
Epilogue - To Good Friends
To Faraway Times
Chrono and Marle (Arranged Version 1)
Chrono Trigger (Arranged Version 1)
Ayla's Theme (Arranged Version)
Frog's Theme (Arranged Version)
Chrono Trigger (Arranged Version 2)
Chrono Trigger (Arranged Version 3)
Sara's Theme (Arranged Version)
End ~ Burn! Bobonga! ~ To Faraway Times (Arranged Version)
Chrono and Marle (Arranged Version 2)