Stark Reality

Junkman's Song
Thirty Days Hath September
Shooting Stars
Rocket Ship
All You Need to Make Music
Roller Coaster Ride
Too Much Tenderness
Sunday's Song
Say Brother


Gavatron said...

Hey Eddie,
Nice one. I love the Stark Reality tunes from the Stones Throw mix tapes (like Rocket Ship). I've been meaning to chase this album down for a while. So cheers - I'm really looking forward to listening to this.

fliznoyd said...

I love what you do! I always wanted this!

pierski akbar said...

what a frikkin sick album!

purple_Crayons said...

GREAT post! thanks for stark reality and everything else on this site. the most consistent blog i know of.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

GEMS UPON GEMS - i feel spiritual and musical rich right now.. everything a little breaks,soul, jazz funk - fan boy ever wanted on mp3..

raju said...

bro could you reup this tune for me and thank for all the ones above so far geezer

raju said...

Stark Reality

can it be reuped bro? the list u have is very rare indead bro

Anonymous said...

oh god please reup i will love you forever