More Library Basics 4 Ya...

Sound Book - De Wolfe Music Library & Background Sound
Various Artists

Johnny Hawksworth - Jazz Rule
Ludovic Decosne - Gloaming
Barry Stoller - Funky Spider
Peter Reno - Silver Thrust
Alan Parker - Swirl
Peter Reno - Cool It
Nick Ingman - Overtone
Simon Haseley - Response
Richard Harvey - Forgotten Dream
Barbara Moore - I'm Feather
Anton Valotti - Drum Time
Peter Reno - Harlem Globetrotters
Reg Wale - Bright Spark
John Reids - New Project
Nick Ingman - Trip Wire

Peter Reno - Megaton
Nick Ingman - Down Home
Jack Trombey - Payroll
Andre Ceccarelli - Dindou N°.1
Barbara Moore - Hot Heels
Peter Milray - Time Machine
Nick Ingman - Smooth And Cool
Richard Harvey - See The Light
Barry Stoller - Cool Character
Frank McDonald / Chris Rae - Party People
Andre Ceccarelli - Gang Process
Paul Kass - Causeway
Peter Reno - Hard Crust
Roger Webb - Grey Sigh
Anton Valotti - Spiro
Keith Papworth - Track Record
Peter Milray - Supercharger


Gianni said...

many tracks are GREAT!!!

dj kemo said...

is there a link to this?? I dont seem to see any. Help PLease?