Birth Day
The New Birth

I Can Understand It
Until It's Time For You to Go
Got to Get a Knutt
Theme - (from "Buck & The Preacher")
Stop, Look, Listen
Easy, Evil
You Are What I'm All About


HG74 said...

Thanks for sharing !!!!
Indeed a BANGER..

ChadYeezy said...

thanks man

Bill said...

Thanks for all your EXCELLENT posts!! I am guilty of not always leaving a comment. Will try harder.
Please keep up the good work.
Regards Bill

casio hardcore said...

Banger is a total understatement! I actually have this on vinyl but sadly, "Got To Get A Knutt" is scratched to death thanks to my early/wack scratch techniques. Thanks man!


Anonymous said...

I found this at the salvation army last week for 1.99. thanks for the digital version. excellent work my friend.

Anonymous said...


jerome green said...

Hi Niceguy,

Thanks for the Birth. Fantastic stuff; much appreciated.

Peace, Jerome

k02 said...

Thanks man really appreciate the great work and genorosity.

flo said...

thank you for the great music. love it.

simonsee43 said...

Super good album....

Cheers for sharing!

Bongholio Iglesias said...

Just discovered this site... Will Definetly be back for more :)
Superdope stuff you got!

Thanks, bro - its appreciated!

Anonymous said...

mega salute

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

True Banger...Thnx