The Heat Is On
The Isley Brothers

Fight the Power Pt.1-2
Heat Is On, Pt. 1-2
Hope You Feel Better Love, Pt. 1-2
For the Love of You, Pt. 1-2
Sensuality, Pt. 1-2
Make Me Say It Again Girl, Pt. 1-2


k02 said...

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

hi Eddie, do who have David Porters "...Into A Real Thing"? That'll be wonderful. thanks for all those goodies, as always. cheers, mighty!

Anonymous said...

hey man im new to this site & i just stumbled upon it one day & i was like DAMN these cuts are FRESH!! fo realz GOOD STUFF MAN.. but i was wonderin' do you got any Jimmy Castor... yo man that would definitely make my day...anyhow take it easy


fabrizio.angelelli said...

thanks for all those goodies!!!
You are the number one!