Library Goodness...

The Super Sounds Of Bosworth
Various Artists

Vaclav Nelhybel - Cosmic Awakening
Jonny Teupen Group - Tropical Scene
Frank Gartner - Stella Control No. 1
The Lew Howard All-Stars - Hula Rock
The Lew Howard All-Stars - Chant Afrique
Men Of Vision - Colours
The Jazz Architects - Tertius
Cologne Sound - Solitude
Sydney Dale - A Round Trip
Frank Gartner - Laser
Jonny Dean - Eastern Promise
Anthony Mawer - Comes To Cajun
Paolo Zavallone - Big John
Leo Hassler Synthesiser - Drama In Space
Seventy Sound Group - Campus Crowd
Anthony Mawer - Hang Loose
Leo Hassler Synthesiser - Grotesque
Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra - A Walkin' Beat
Frank Gartner - Propulsion
Rolf and Klaus Modern Jazz Group - West Coast Session
The Seventy Sound - Bluephoria
Frank Gartner - Cloud Environment
The International Orchestra - Eastern Ritual
Peter Sander - Fugitive On The Run
Vaclav Nelhybel - Sun Lava
Stuart Crombie - New Move
The Leo Hassler Synthesiser - Whimsical
Paolo Zavallone - Papillon Rouge
Frank Gartner - Kryptoglyphics
Leo Hassler Synthesiser - Whistle Stop
Frank Gartner - Nuclear Wash
The Sydney Dale orchestra - Soul Power
The Ebbingtonhouse Sound - Turkish Delight
Sperie Karas - Native Dance


Andre said...

this is dope. thank you.

Anonymous said...

drippin' off the meat grinder...

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the great library work my man. Beautiful offerings and much appreciated as always.

BKS Tone P said...

how do i download these albums...i need them heavily. please somebody let me know on here or hit me at bkstonep@gmail.com and let me know ASAP

Tone P said...

well seeing that the owner gets them first delete this message but let me know how i can download them ASAP please get back to me on my email...bkstonep@gmail.com thanks

AmBrOsE said...

tone P....READ all the notes very thoughrly ;-)

AmBrOsE said...

Thanx for the share!!!!

Bonus J said...

Tough to get even when it first came out - Thanks

Astro Nautico said...

dope post!

just did a little rough remix of track 21, if anyone cares to hear!


purple_Crayons said...

really looking forward to this one. the crates have been depleted. thanks, as always.

stf said...

wow, this is so dontno-whatto-say, spaced out? freaky? weird? - what have these guys been smokin'? Great stuff! Thx! A lot!

williscoulis said...

Yes, Yes.

jay.soul said...

thanks! dope sounds! perfect material to unleash my new mpc on..

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Pelican Tangerine said...

You do all the hard work and all we can do is say 'You are an angel, we love you'.



jay.soul said...

what year is this from btw?