Between or Beyond The Black Forest Vol. 2
Various Artists

Charly Antolini - Scratches
Dieter Reith - Knock Out
George Duke - Faces in Reflection 2
Jasper Van't Hoff - Poobli
Jasper Van't Hoff - Titty-Chickie
Nelson Riddle - Volcano's Daughter
Peter Herbolzheimer - Frogdance
Rimona Francis - Bulgarian Beans
Roland Kovac - Powerstart
Rolf Kuhn - Miss Maggie
The New Dave Pike Set - Baiafrock Volker


ewalk04 said...

Hey Eddie Thank you for your efforts on both pts of these albums... Peace..

Bird said...

Wow this is a dope compilation. A breath of fresh air... so good!


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

yes, dope compilations.
thank you