klemmt ein

German Funk Fieber Vol.1
Infectious Rare Grooves & Krauty Schlager Wonders 1969-1977
Various Artists

Gus Brendel - Night Clipper
Messengers - Gang Bang
Ken Aldin - Dark Alley
Was Tun Band - Es geht
Tanzorchester Rolf-Hans Mueller SWF - Gate One
Veit Marvos Red Point Orchestra - Family Affair
Die Melon Men - Tuesday
Martin Philippi Blues Band - I Got My Mojo Workin'
Klaus Wunderlich - Summertime
The Rainbow Orchestra - La Avispa
Dave Kamien Division - Watermelon Men
Howard Carpendale - Du Hast Mich
Hugo Strasser - Flashlights
Peter Herbolzheimer - Rock-o-Mobile
Heinz Kiessling Orchestra - Uptown
Sandra Haas - Kleiner Mann
Hildegard Knef - Wieviele Menschen
Udo Lindenberg - Votan Wahnwitz


Simon666 said...

yep yep good! thanks a lot

rock-salt said...

Is this a DJ mix or is it just a comp?

TF said...

Its a compilation. with some real cool tracks!

Thanks a lot!

VivaGardner said...


Alexander J said...

Wow, German stuff is popping up all o'er the internet, cool post.

Anonymous said...

"klemmt ein"?!?!?!

fortunatus said...

NICE. thanx!

du hast mich - just ubercool.

Shaun said...

The link is down for this, can't download :( stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago, many thanks for the great music you have supplied. Keep it coming!