Killer Line Up....

Black Dynamite : Music From The Motion Picture
Various Artists

Alan Tew-Helicop
Alan Tew-Drama Backcloth 3
Alan Tew-Master Plan
Alan Tew-Scenechange 2B
Alan Tew-Drama Backcloth 2
Brian Bennett and Alan Hawkshaw-Name of the Game
Alan Tew-The Detectives Interlude
Alan Tew-Scenechange 3A
Brian Bennett-Prowler
Alan Tew-Scenechange 8A
Brian Bennett and Alan Hawkshaw-High Driver
Alan Tew-The Detectives Link 1
Brian Bennett-SPIV
Alan Tew-The Detectives Link 2C
Johnny Pearson-Action in Memphis
Brian Bennett-Thug
Alan Tew-The Detectives Link 6B
Duncan Lamont-Sunny Side Up
Alan Tew-The Detectives Link 3
Alan Tew-Eyes
Alan Tew-The Detectives Link 5B
Sir Charles Hughes-Dynomite
Nino Nardini-Tropicola


fritz the cat said...

Blimey - I've only listened to Tropicola so far, and it's already a killer. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Incredible Soundtrack!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks !! Can't wait to hear this ....