A small note...

I can't believe how bad rapidshare is now. When I started the blog it was indeed the way to go. Even if you did not have a premium account it was still rather fast and fair. Now it is most definitely at the bottom of the barrel. It looks like they totally sold out and the new owners ran it into the ground. I apologize to anyone new to the blog and of course any old followers that did not get the goods when the service was fair. There is no way I will re upload all this content. But If I do make any additions..It will not be with rapidshare.



Anonymous said...


I've made a point of visiting your site regularly.
I'm glad you've taken the effort to upload all that wonderfully obscure OSTs and such.
More power to ya.
I've been enjoying HotFile lately if that's worth anything to you.
All the best


Mr. Craig said...

I hear you on that one. Mediafire may be slower but at least you have some security (for now).

Maj said...

I hear ya man.... Rapidshare definitely screwed everyone over with their new format. Complete garbage. Will not re-up my account with them. EVER.

Anonymous said...

ur site is still on my favs list

rapidshare is greedy said...

same here. i used to be a rapidshare fan but they went through some fucked up moves, including changing completely the way accounts were managed and supported, i had a premium account at one time, and then they changed the deal all of a sudden, several emails later i just gave up, and nowadays it's the 500 rapids for this and x rapidpro for that. just so you have an idea, i currently have over 600GB of traffic available but can't use it because... i don't have enough rapids. lol. one day it will all go ape shit, but by then someone must surely filled their pockets, so who cares... only way to change things is to go knocking on some other door, with dozens of services becoming available, file this and file that... it's incredible. so yeah, screw rapidshare and their greedy policy, hope to see new posts from you! thanks for the effort.

Antinea said...

Thank you ;-)

I totally agree for rapidshare....
Megaupload is nice and zhare too ;)

Good job with the blog ;) ;)

Eyes and Teeth said...

MediaFire is the way to go.
I have never had any problems with them. Plus, they are very friendly to downloaders who don't have premium accounts.
I have tried most of them, and mediafire is by far the best for my needs.