"C'mon Feet!!"

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
Melvin Van Peebles/Earth Wind and Fire

Sweetback losing his cherry
Sweetback getting it uptight
Come on feet
Sweetback's theme
Hoppin John
Mojo woman
Sanra Z
Reggin hanging on in there as best they can
Won't bleed me
The Man tries running his usual game


shoshot said...

Dope Shit!!! I got this on wax, nice drop.

Anonymous said...


Any Means... said...

wow! i've been tryin' 2 get my handz on this joint for years! shoshot: how much ya want for tha wax, kid? Eddie, u da nicest 4 this one heah

les18e said...

thanQ. never knew that this was e w f playing the music in this soundtrack. nice one.