Madlib - Beat Konducta in India - Vol.3 & 4


Volume 3
01. Enter... Hot Curry
02. Indian Hump
03. Movie Finale
04. Raw Tranquility Pt. 3
05. Freeze
06. Masala
07. OnThatNewThing
08. Indian Deli
09. The Rumble
10. Dancing Girls Theme
11. Piano Garden
12. Dark Alley Incidental Music
13. Early Party
14. Fifth Chant
15. The Rip Off (Scene 3)
16. Sitar Ride

Volume 4
17. Get It Right
18. More Rice
19. Accordion for Raj
20. Indian Bells
21. Club Scene
22. Duel
23. Organ Stroll
24. In the Cave
25. Malfunction
26. Victory
27. Smoke Circle
28. Raw Ground Wire
29. New Bombay
30. Shah Sound
31. Another Getaway
32. Main Title
33. (Variations)
34. No Sitar (outro)


thecorrector said...

Glorious. Thanks, Eddie!
Been waiting for a minute for this one.

Anonymous said...

Once again you've represented! you are the man! thanks maaaaan!
Electric Fingerz

NiceGuy Eddie said...

If you like. Please support.


Gavatron said...

Awesome. Again. You just keep on giving. Thanks Eddie

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. A bunch of thanks from Germany. Greetz, Jörn

Michael said...

thanks. ill check it out.

Anonymous said...

there doesn't seem to be a download link on this site.

Anonymous said...

nice dusty dust.i cant wait to get dat on vinyl.peace

Anonymous said...

Sweet as hell :-]

praer4life said...

Madlib - Beat Konducta in India - Vol.3 & 4

bro how do i get this link to activate bro? rajugc1@fsmail.net

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