Another RE-UP!...Get It fast..

An Elephant Called Slowly OST
Howard Blake

An Elephant Called Slowly
The Leopard
Mr. Mopoji - Wild Dogs
Fever Tree
Love Game
Elephant Rides Again
Poli - Poli
Kenya Morning
Ostrich Strut
Elephant Called Slowly(repise)


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this re-up , a pure gem for samples and listening.
great blogspot man.......

madderhatter_06 said...

Oh wonderful... thank you. I was disappointed to find that the original post of this had been taken down.....

Burning Blue Soul said...

OK, I will admit it, though I've admired your blog for a long time now, I haven't been able to get anything down from it. Where are the secrets to the treasure? IN fact, I have to admit I didn't ask before because I was embarrassed to post a note like this! Your--or anyone's help would be greatly appreciated; I'm missing the classics!

NiceGuy Eddie said...

Hover over the title.