This One Is Being Sampled Alot Lately..

Love Light

Breath of Night
The Rest of My Life
Love Light
Evening Star
Oriental Express


rivaldials said...

that pisses me off... for years, this was my secret cut.

fucking a

who has been sampling it????

awesome blog, btw


Trag said...

Absolutely fantastic stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Cover looks cool cant wait to hear it.

beat2go00 said...

i sampled it!!!
great blog!

crateman302 said...


crateman302 said...

This is a solid lp great music on here. Even though just about everysong on here has been sampled its still a great record to flip or just lounge too. Thanks! Peace

SP said...

SWEET! This ones a goldmine + great 4 just chillin! Thanx for yet more fine music

tobiwan said...

THX !!
Great work on this site !!

All the best

Anonymous said...

alchemist sampled it.

Anonymous said...

One of the great Patti Austin performances that deserved much more play, back in the day.

Thanks for sharing it!

the 8th Harmonic said...

I have seen this one in a few places but, never picked it up.... I shall now...

Glenn said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. Looks good. It sounds like there are download links, but I haven't been able to find them. A little help?

Glenn said...

A correction to my comment. It looks like most of the posted albums have download links but not this one and several others that I really want like Curtis Mayfield, etc.
What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

this is totally bananas. I never even heard of Yutaka. I love them. Good Looks!

toyballoon said...

Wow, this is different. Cheers for this... really looking forward to repeat listens. Loving the blog. Just discovered it.

Anonymous said...

alchemist made a beat for twista , and another one for some1 else...also Nas - Rest of My Life sampled a cut from this one, also a bunch of other artists, i don´t even know...according to The Breaks..already had that 1, but dope to share it.

Anonymous said...

hyper produced craaap!

Mike Stone (Notorious) said...

Yutaka is one of those great Smooth Jazz artists the easily got lost in the music stacks, somehow. I'm very happy that you had posted this record, because it is not easy to find as much as his other albums.

You saved the day, my friend. Thanks.

hiphopfanatik said...

Much respect for this one D2D ! a dope / rare piece You're the Man .. always bringin' the heat !!but it seems that almost all the samples has been yet flipped by hip-hop artists like ... damn ! since I've seen it to me this magnificient crate is fucked up :

take a look around ->

Yokokura, Yutaka
Love Light: (Alfa 1978)
* "Evening Star"
7L & Esoteric ft J-Live & Count Bass D - "Rules of Engagement"
Rasco - "Hey Love"
Twista - "Ain't On Shit"
* "Love Light"
Dyme Def - "One Step Away"
* "Dragonfly"
Ali Vegas - "Brothers Respect Mine"
Move.Meant - "Audiovisuals"
Mr. Voodoo - "Poverty Pimpin'"
Shawn Jackson - "Fix Ya Face"
* "Breath of Night"
Scarface Presents the Product - "G-Type"
* "Oriental Express"
Jay-Z - "Encore (Jon Doe Remix)"

?: (? ?)
* "The Rest of My Life"
Milano - "Show 'Em"
Nas - "Rest of My Life"

Peace and thanks for sharing the knowledge

One !

(x-cuse my english)

pluke63 said...

"sampled a lot"... and with a reason!

thanks for sharing