More From Sweet Poppa Lou..

Pretty Things
Lou Donaldson

Tennessee Waltz
Curtis' Song
Sassie Lassie
Just for a Thrill
Pot Belly


Bill said...

Thanks! I've been hoping to get my hands on this one for a while. So much of the good Lou D is out of print! Speaking of which, if you've got "Hot Dog" or "Live at the Cadillac Club" please do post them!

Here's the line up and recording info from Tom Lord's Jazz Discography:
Pretty Things : Blue Mitchell (tp) Lou Donaldson (as) Leon Spencer, Jr. (org) Ted Dunbar (g) Idris Muhammad (d)
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., June 12, 1970

purple_Crayons said...

dope. thanks for this one!
ridiculous lineup!

JTF said...

"Pretty" good lp! ;)

HG74 said...

Thanks !!!!!!!!

ChadYeezy said...

This is fire thanks

crateman302 said...

Pot Belly is the classix ish righ there thanks alot nrother!

Andy said...

Thanking you,top man!

Gianni said...


thoth said...

i think this is one of donaldson's best "funky" albums. up there with "mr shing-a-ling" and "cosmos" as the best. thank you very much for sharing.

rm said...

Thanky you!