A-1 Records - NYC

The Belly of the Beat from Gasface on Vimeo.


verge said...

I linked this on phila, thanks Eddie.

I used to go to A-1, Sound Library, Academy, and a few others back between 01 and 04.
Man, I can not count how many hours and how much dough I spent there.
Great spot.
I saw a promo of Scientifik's 1st album there. It had red pen writing on it, from what I remember. I'm only saying that because I've heard people say that it doesn't exist in original form. Thanks again.

Kors Tha Force (AUS) said...

Nice vid!

Anonymous said...

Great store...you need hours to dig though!! Some stuff a little overpriced but also bargains galore on the floor!

scott w. gray said...

good little slice of life vid for the diggin' community. thx for posting it eddie.

Anonymous said...

very thanks to put this movie, i 'm from france and i'll like to visit this store do you have adress please?