The Drums Shall Speak...

Yum Yum
The Fatback Band

Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
Let the Drums Speak
Put the Funk on You
Feed Me Your Love
(When You Want to Boogie) Boogie With the Fatback
Got to Learn How to Dance
If You Could Turn into Me
(Hey) I Feel Real Good


Bill said...

I`ve been plundering your archives and would like to thank you for sharing all this GOOD stuff! I recommend all visitors to look through the older posts to keep them alive and find some REAL GEMS! Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bill on this one...thanks a lot for ALL the great music you've turned me on to! As the Krankies said when they found the Fatback Band album-"Fandabiidozeee!" Keep on keepin on

Operation: BeastMode said...

Just stumbled onto here. .. good looks, appreciate the music

Desdemona said...

thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

We are waiting for an update!!!!
where you at dust????

Anonymous said...

Lot’s of stuff that you won’t find anywhere else:
Oliver Nelson – Black, Brown & Beautiful
Nancy Wilson – My way – Broadway
Herbie Mann – Brazil Once Again
Taylored In Silk
+ lot’s of Japan only 12“s!!
….come have a look: http://www.onethingboutmusic.blogspot.com/

MCF said...


akanatural said...

Word ... good looks from Down Under .... So much primo music here - Thank You!

al.chust said...

it looks good.
please, take a look to my new radio. the best funk, soul...

please, share it with your friends.