Blazing Magnum Soundtrack
Armando Trovajoli

Blazing Magnum
Black Pearl Necklace
Theme For A Murder
Who Killed Louise?
A Very Strange Party
Tony's Back
A Weird Phone Call
The Puzzle Is Completed
Blind Suspence
The Story Concludes


Tweedster said...


Maubz said...

something crazy...yesterday had an idea to use "a weird phonecall" in a movie i'm working on...had only heard a snippet in a mix...just happened to see if you'd posted any new stuff and you posted the whole goddamn album...bananas. thank you man.

The Catalyst said...

yo been waitin for some updates for a minute... good looks... this shit looks ill

Desdemona said...

this is great thanks

njstandup said...

where can i find the links? thanks n advance